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Yunan Civet Coffee

Yunan Civet Coffee


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 Civet coffee, commonly known as cat feces coffee, civet coffee, named for its rare and not easily won. Musk cat eating coffee fruit pulp after the digestion of this special processing technology, the coffee beans are known as "the history of the most delicious coffee, civet coffee worth more than Lanshan, the international market bean price up to $500 per kilogram, cooked beans in some markets is as high as $1500 per kilogram.

Freight Rate Sheet    Guangdong :                  1-3 packs: 11-13       4-11 packs: FREE         12 packs + : 12 
+Out of Guangdong :                  1-5 packs: 15          6-11 packs: FREE         12 packs + : 20+

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-Wechat, Alipay


-Company : Bank, Alipay

-Bank account transfer       (ATM/Online )

 A Preferential Favor  Discount for those

who each order :

12 packs: 5 % off

24 lbs   :10% off

30lbs : negotiable


- The above offer is excluding VAT (7%  or 9% )

- The above pricing is  

 effective till

 December 31,2021