included in our rental and purchase plans are the following benefits:

  • Delivery and installation of your coffee machine to a prepared site.

  • On site programming and set up.

  • Staff training by our coffee experts.

  • Full break down cover five days per week (*)

  • Replacement machine should we be unable to promptly repair your machine on site (*)

  • Free telephone technical support (*)

  • (*) included in purchase plan if coffee exclusively purchased from Corporate Coffee Solutions

Coffee Machine Maintenance and frequently asked questions:

  • There was water spilling out of the handle while extracting the coffee

  • There's no steam or the coffee's not hot

  • Steam or hot water dripping

  • The handle doesn't make coffee. The machine makes noise

  • The flow rate is too slow when extracting coffee

  • .......

   (If you have any questions, please contact us)


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HQT Coffee Service

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HQT Coffee Service
Inquiry:(+86-755)8997 7917
Head Office : Rm 302,Bld 15,1st District,Xiashuijing, Buji ,Shenzhen
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Showroom :
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Guangzhou Service Dept:
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