office/event coffee solutions

Office Solutions

For most of us, the morning hasn’t started till we’ve indulged in a fresh cup of coffee. At HQT Coffee Service, we make it even easier for you to enjoy a freshly roasted cup right out of the comfort of your office or workplace. We like to think of ourselves as productivity consultants, helping your company achieve its goals sip by sip.


We are committed to supplying  companys in China mailand with easy-to-use coffee machines and delicious beans to match. Whether it’s making it easier to get your afternoon pick-me-up or you’re looking to impress clients with café-quality coffee right out of your office, we have a solution that will work for your business.


What We Offer

We offer packages of all shapes and sizes and choosing the one that's  best suited for your company is as simple as telling us how many people are in your office. You give us the numbers and we'll set you up. We have corporate coffee solutions for tightknit teams of five, up to huge operations of over 100 employees.

Freshly roasted coffee beans are delivered to your doorstep each month and your machine is serviced whenever necessary. Having fresh coffee at your fingertips is just a few clicks away! If you’re still not sure which package is right for you, give us a call today on 1376 0195 707.

Long-term rental services:

1)Coffee beans/powder delivery:
  *All kind of coffee beans/powder,And delivery coffee and raw materials  monthly.
  * Base on the coffee price listing ,must purchase from 7 days coffee,including raw
     from coffee beans ,sugar ,milk , not allow paurchse from other suppliers;
     but purchase quantity can be according to actual consumer demand.
2)Maintenance services: coffee machine error,contact us  and will arrange to free door service.
* coffee maker or service training free door service .
3)The above services only suitable for the pearl river delta region(Shenzhen, Guangzhou,Zhuhai,Dongguan,Huizhou...).
4)The contact and pay for:
*the contract is not less than 12 months , arrange to install equipment door service  once the contract is signed up ;

* Payment: first pay  should be paid a 3 months rental service payment, from the 4th month,  payment can be settled down       monthly. 


Short-term rental services:

1) Need to make an appointment in advance(leave enough time) and submit the proposal: 
          7dayscoffee@163.com, Phone & WeChat: 0086-13760195707;
2) The quotation does not include tax, VAT is added 9 % of the total total service amount;
3) If you need extra coffee or material, you may refer to the website quotation;
4) The quotation does not include freight
5)  Free on-site installation,  equipment operation and service training.
6)If need the on-site service , Barista or service: ¥ 700-1000 / per head per day .

Coffee cappuccino training:

(1) For the crowd: All like coffee or coffee interested in, know how to make a Latte Lahua principles and friends
(2)Need to make an appointment in advance(leave enough time)l: 7dayscoffee@163.com, Phone & WeChat: 0086-13760195707;
(3)Class time: every Saturday morning
(4)Learning content:How to make a good espresso,How to make a good foam.....
(5)For our (HQT COFFEE)regular customers, this cappuccino training is free