office/event coffee solutions
Package 3 For 50 - 100+ employees
  • Free Servicing
  • Minimum Order
  • Contract
  • Rent or Buy
  • Free Coffee Delivery

Coffee Machines Available In This Package

                                                  Delonghi/德龙ECAM 23.260

1.Long term rent: ¥800/ month (contain coffee bean 4 pound, 200 sachets of sugar,100 capsules of coffee mate )

2.Short term rent: ¥800/ days(contain coffee powder 2 pound, 200 sachets of sugar,100 capsules of coffee mate )

3.Equipment deposit:¥3800

4.Price for Sell ¥6800

5.Various coffee beans / powders, all instant roasting; And monthly distribution(free express delivery) coffee/red tea powder and raw materials according to demand

6.If the price of coffee beans is announced on the company's website, the excess must be purchased from the company's raw materials and must not be purchased from other suppliers. However, the purchase volume can be based on the actual consumption demand of the company.

                                             Delonghi/ECAM 23.260

Delonghi/ECAM 23.260

coffee – chocolate – cha
1 kg coffee beans
1 kg chocolate
1 kg cha
100 cups/hour
2 coffee cups simultaneously
Hot water
Steam knob
12 direct selections
Water supply only

Model No. ME-819

Rated voltage: 220V/50HZ

Rated power: 1250W

Weight: 10.68kg

Number of dregs: 80

Soybean box capacity: 250g

Water tank capacity: 1800ml

Export height: adjustable 80-140mm

Product Size: 410*223*336mm