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Kenya Coffee

Kenya Coffee

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One of the most favorite coffee is Kenya coffee ,it contains the feeling what we want: Prefect tasting, wonderful smelling and best sour balance make up the special Kenyan coffee. also contains multi-layered tasting , well-balance sour and wonderful smelling. Most of plant in the place of between the altitude of 5,000-7,000 ft. Recommend to watch the Oscar awarded movie Out of Africa,which to the theme of Kenya coffee . PS: we stock large of quantity the green beans for Chinese markets   

Roasted Degree: Medium Dark ,Best for: Dripper, Siphone, Single.


Freight Rate Sheet    Guangdong :                  1-3 packs: 11-13       4-11 packs: FREE         12 packs + : 12 
Out of Guangdong :                  1-5 packs: 15          6-11 packs: FREE         12 packs + : 20+

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