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Keemum Black Tea Powder

Keemum Black Tea Powder

Anhui ,China
1 LB (454g)

Product detail

   Keemun Black Tea is "leader Black Tea", to "high aroma and mellow taste, beautiful shape, bright color" four wonders of well-known to the world. Bright red soup, fresh and pure taste, fragrance thick, long, like flowers, like fruit, like honey "Keemun Aroma" by the world-famous

Can be used to make HK style milk tea ,citrus tea,Taiwan style milk tea. 7 Days Black Tea is one of sales agent of Keemun Black Tea to HK,overseas market.

Freight Rate Sheet    Guangdong :                  1-3 packs: 11-13       4-11 packs: FREE         12 packs + : 12 
+Out of Guangdong :                  1-5 packs: 15          6-11 packs: FREE         12 packs + : 20+

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-Bank account transfer       (ATM/Online )

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who each order :

12 packs: 5 % off

24 lbs   :10% off

30lbs : negotiable



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 effective till

 March 31,2020