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Indonesia Luwak

Indonesia Luwak


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Kopiluwak is also known as "Civet Coffee" or "Animal Coffee" is collected from coffee berry beans which have been digested by the Sumatran Asian palm civet. The Civet will only eat the ripest berries in the highlands for their fleshy pulp. The proteolytic enzymes in its stomach modifies the coffee taste and aroma. This process breaks down the proteins of the coffee beans creating a uniquely pleasant taste. 


Freight Rate Sheet    Guangdong :                  1-3 packs: 11-13       4-11 packs: FREE         12 packs + : 12 
+Out of Guangdong :                  1-5 packs: 15          6-11 packs: FREE         12 packs + : 20+

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-Company : Bank, Alipay

-Bank account transfer       (ATM/Online )

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12 packs: 5 % off

24 lbs   :10% off

30lbs : negotiable


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 December 31,2021