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 illy ILLY coffee is divided into baked, deep and low, because of American baking Medium roast coffee bitter taste is moderate, balanced, suitable for the vast majority of people taste,Dark roasts taste strong, bitter taste is slightly heavy for people strong taste of love Very low caffeine content of low caffeine products, suitable for sensitive to caffeine, but want to drink coffee people, can also be in the evening or before drinking American coffee in the medium baking, coffee powder, the degree of grinding is relatively thick, suitable for American coffee machine or filter paper. 


Freight Rate Sheet    Guangdong :                  1-3 packs: 11-13       4-11 packs: FREE         12 packs + : 12 
Out of Guangdong :                  1-5 packs: 15          6-11 packs: FREE         12 packs + : 20+

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-Wechat, Alipay


-Company : Bank, Alipay

-Bank account transfer       (ATM/Online )

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who each order :

12 packs: 5 % off

24 lbs   :10% off

30lbs : negotiable



- The above offer is excluding VAT (7%  or 9% )

- The above pricing is  

 effective till

 December 31,2021