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Coffee French Press 700cc

Coffee French Press 700cc

The most popular coffeemakers is pure and simple.

Product detail

French press: about a around 1850 originated in France by heat-resistant glass bottle (or transparent plastic and metal mesh of compressive bar, simple brewing utensils. At first was used to brew black tea with more, so some call it also blunt tea.

Use the principle of pressure pot of coffee: use the means of soaking, soak through water and coffee powder full contact and simmer the essence of the method to release the coffee.

For coffee: shades are´s coffee powder.

Grinding degree: coarse granular.


Freight Rate Sheet   


-Increase 1kg-shipping cost increase ¥3

-calculate freight based 
on the weight of machine         

 Payment  :        

-Wechat, Alipay
-Company : Bank, Alipay

-Bank account transfer       (ATM /Online )           


- The above offer is excluding VAT (7%  or 9% )

- The above pricing is  

 effective till

 December 31,2021