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Helpful Expert Service..We´re a Malaysia Pastry company here in SZ,A great experience
using and working with7 Days Coffee Service.Helpful expert service.7 Days  Peter especially!

Baoan Teong ,PastryConsultant,Taiwan FoodSt, Baoan,ShenzhenAnd Everything Went as
Planned I contacted 7 Days at 0755-89977917and visited their showroom to look for coffee

bean and equipment, and the work they did for me was very good.The machines were just 
like they said and everything went as planned.Very happy with purchase.


known is the fact thatcoffee is actually grownin China.and the localChinese government is 
aggressively promoting the expansion of thousands of hectares of coffee production. 
Coffee is our new specialty recent years,so we need Peter to write his book- "My 
Coffee Tour- Yunnan" to promote it. Thanks!Chen Xinshou/ Mr, Yunan Bobang Coffee Co.,

Their beans are fresh, mostly freshly roasted and ground for me, so it's a great shopping experience.
Looking forward to the next purchase
The first time I bought HQT coffee's blue mountain coffee, it was better than i ever thought,
the most important thing is that its date is very fresh, coffee drink very fragrant.
Merchant gave us a very fair prices, cheaper than other places, I am very satisfied